Ways To Beat Winter Boredom

Hello friends! I'm not sure if those of you who live someplace warm like California or Florida experience this problem, but for the majority of us who live places that get cold and dark in the winter, blues and boredom can easily hit. Here in Ohio, the winter months are long, spring is often late, and we very much so can get a snow storm in April. I'm always grateful to live in a place that experiences each season fully, but that doesn't mean winter isn't tough at times.

I'm learning better how to get through winter with each year it comes and I'm thankful for that. I wrote a post similar to this last year called Winter Blues, but I figured this may be helpful again this year, too :) These are a few things I'm doing to combat winter boredom that you can do too!

Buy a plant

Normally in my pursuit of less I would never suggest buying something to combat boredom but I have found that purchasing a plant or flowers in these dreary winter months satisfies my desperate need for green. There are very few things that don't  fall under the "less is more" category, plants being one of them. (Other examples can be coffee, mugs, and pillows) It's proven that plants can improve your mood simply by looking at them. Plants also purify the air as well as add some extra humidity which is always beneficial in these dry months. Placing life on your bedside table does more for your mood than you'd expect. (Plus Trader Joe's has potted daffodils now for like 3 bucks and you definitely need them)

Do a DIY project

My favorite way to fill my winter is with projects and crafts. I had an entire list of "after the holidays projects" that I've done pretty well on these past few months of winter. So far I have painted 3 chairs, a table, a side table, a wall in my room, learned how to use my sewing machine, and have done countless little crafts and redecorating, and it has been so fun! Since life is a bit slower in the winter, come up with a project you've been wanting to do but maybe haven't had time for. Paint some furniture, change up the color of your kitchen walls, sew new curtains, etc. A change in scenery is refreshing to the soul. And since we are spending so much time indoors, we might as well take the time to make our homes look the way we want them to.

Plan your spring garden

Spring creeps up faster than we think, so now is the time to get everything planned out, What you want to plant, where you want to plant it, when to start seeds indoors, ordering your seeds, etc. Head to some organic seed websites and order a free seed catalogue. It's exciting when it comes in the mail and being able to flip through it and circle which varieties and seeds you want to purchase is so much fun and brings hope for spring.

Slow down and cozy up

After the past few busy months of autumn activities and the holidays, it's easy to be in go-go-go mode. But winter is the time for hibernation! When everything is covered with a blanket of snow, it's like the world is telling us to stay inside and get some extra rest. Enjoy this time to cuddle up and read a good book that you normally wouldn't have time for. I also wrote a post about a few slow living activities for winter that are really fun but also restful.

Use essential oils

Essential oils have played a big role in my holistic and natural healing of depression, and continue to help uplift my mood and keep my hormones balanced. Essential oils are powerful and natural antidepressants. My favorite oils for depression/emotional support are Bergamot, Douglas Fir, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Cyprus, and any citrus oil. If you're having trouble keeping the winter blues away, I highly suggest turning to essential oils for help. 

I pray that we are able to get through these next few weeks (dare I say month?) of winter without any blues and that we can learn to enjoy this time of rest and stillness.

Warm wishes,