Slow Living Activities For Winter

slow living activities for winter

I truly believe that with each season we are meant to mimic nature. In winter, the earth is sleeping. The bears, the trees, the ground. Everything takes a few months rest, so they are able to flourish come spring and summer. Winter is a time for hibernation and stillness. I'm learning to love winter and the slow that it brings. I've put together a few of my favorite activities to do during the winter. All of these go great with a hot drink and someone you love.

Knit a scarf

Did you know that the act of knitting can create the same sense of calm as yoga? I can never sit through a TV show or movie without some sort of distraction, and I'm trying to cut out the habit of scrolling on my phone. Knitting is the perfect thing to keep my hands busy during a good movie or show. And apparently a scarf you knitted yourself is extra hygge points, so we better get to knitting!

Do a puzzle

Puzzles are so fun and relaxing to sit and do with a hot drink whether you're by yourself or with friends or family. Puzzles can be found pretty cheap at thrift stores. I typically look for cute country scenes or any White Mountain Puzzles!

Bake a loaf of homemade bread

Nothing is better than a homemade loaf of bread with few ingredients. The process of measuring the ingredients, letting it rise multiple times, and baking it in the oven holds a great amount of satisfaction. Not to mention that at the end of all that work, you're left with something delicious to eat with dinner.

Go on a walk to feed the birds

If you live near a metropark or hiking trails, take advantage of this- even in the winter! On a day that isn't too cold, but still snowy, bundle up and stick some bird seed in your pocket. In the parks that I live near, the chickadees will eat out of your hand and it's the most amazing experience! Even if there are no birds to feed near you, getting out in nature will be beneficial and will make the hot cup of tea beckoning you home even more enjoyable.

Read a good book

Nows the time to get cracking on that reading list we're all "too busy for" the rest of the year. Head to the library and make an adventure of it.

Do a puzzle book

Books full of Sudoku, word searches, and crossword puzzles can easily be found at the dollar store and are so fun to do. I love doing a few Sudoku puzzles at night to unwind. It's better for your brain than mindless social media scrolling, but still a fun way to take your mind off any stress or worries.

Watch a movie with a homemade snack

Okay, so maybe watching a movie doesn't necessarily count as a slow living activity. I know some people tend to put TV and movies into the "mindless distraction" category. And I think to a degree this may be true. But I appreciate a good film from time to time. When you watch the right movie, a good movie, a movie that makes you feel something, it will leave you thinking about it for days. At least for me it does, and I think that's proof enough that film can be a form of art. (I mean maybe I'm just trying to justify my TV addiction here but who knows 😂) Making your favorite homemade snack and enjoying it in front of a movie is a nice treat.

What are some of your favorite things to do once the months get cold? I pray you are able to find some rest and stillness this winter, so come spring, you are ready to bloom.

With care,