Ways We Can Save the Bees

Hi everyone! I'm really excited about this post. I'm here to tell you about an amazing company as well as give you 5 ways you can help save the bees! This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. The beautiful shirt you see in this post is from Magnolia Roots.

Lindsey, founder and owner of Magnolia Roots, started her business after she quit her job of 6 years and moved into a home with a magnolia tree in the front yard. Inspired by the simple life, her shop is full of cute and comfy apparel with simple yet powerful phrases such as "Save the Bees", "Support Your Local Farmer" and many more! I have been in love with her designs for so long and the messages that her tees communicate are everything that I strive to live by. I just knew I had to share this awesome shop with you guys!

My favorite part about Magnolia Roots is that the shop donates to the Women Food and Agriculture Network- an organization that supports sustainable agriculture and healthy localized food systems.

 The WFAN connects women who dream of being farmers with the right resources to make that dream happen. As many of you may know, I have dreamed of having my own farm ever since I can remember. And without a doubt, this is an organization I would want to support.

Save the Bees

Isn't this design just lovely?! It's so soft too. You can shop this tee from Magnolia Roots ↠here↞ along with other fabulous designs!

You're probably thinking..."well, I want to buy this cute tee shirt, but why do we need to save the bees?" Maybe you have heard that honey and bumble bees are officially on the endangered list. From the 1990's, the bee population has decreased drastically. This is affecting us and will continue to affect us unless we make a change!

Without bees, we wouldn't have the luxury of such variety at the grocery store. Prices of food would go up and the options would go waaay down. When I learned that we wouldn't have coffee if we didn't have bees, I KNEW I needed to take action.

Insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, etc- all the chemicals that are going into our food- are the biggest contributors to the decline in bees. Habitat destruction and a climate change are other things that are believed to be causes. Although those may seem like things out of our reach, the good news is, there's actually a lot we can do to help save the bee population and I am going to share with you a few ways!

1. Eat organic and local

Don't support the industry that is filling their crops with GMOs and pesticides. I could write a mile long blog post as to why this is important, and I probably will, but in the meantime check out this video. If possible, choose to support local organic farmers instead of big name corporations at the grocery store. We'll talk more about this in another post :)

2. Plant bee friendly flowers and herbs!

Lavender, sage, cilantro, thyme, geraniums, buttercups, sunflowers, heliotropes, and yarrow, just to name a few, are great for bees. If at all possible chose organic plants and seeds.

3. Keep your garden organic

Stay away from lawn chemicals, toxic fertilizer, pesticides, etc. There are many DIY natural weed killers and fertilizer for your garden that are bee safe if you feel you are unable to go without. Like I said above, use organic seeds and organically grown plants in your garden.

4. Watering station

Something so simple and easy could make a huge difference. All you need are some marbles, a pan and water to set up a watering station in your backyard so bees can stay hydrated and full of energy. If you're interested, Pinterest has some great DIY watering station ideas.

5. Educate yourself and those around you

Learn what you can do to help and let others know so they can do the same! Nothing is too small to make a difference. Also you should probably get yourself a tee from Magnolia Roots so we can A) be twins and B) spark conversation with others about how to save the bees while supporting an awesome business.

Save the Bees

Well, I'm off to save the bees. Until next time, darlings!