Learning How To Be Still Again

After months of falling into the trap of perfectionism and busy-ness, I'm choosing to honor my intuition and the feeling that it's time for me to learn to be still again. Choosing to be still before the Lord instead of conforming to the world's expectations of success and being busy is a form of worship.

I filmed a little bit of my week where I allowed myself to rest and be still for the first time in a long time. Most of my platforms are very curated because to me they are places to express myself creatively, but I have come to realize i rarely share my everyday moments, so I really want to start vlogging more, releasing the idea that every moment I share, every shot, all the lighting, etc has to be perfect, because life is imperfect.

These moments that seem so simple and mundane are the moments that mean the most to me. I never want to forget to appreciate and capture them.

Kaetlyn KennedyComment