Vegan Resources

Vegan Resources

Hi friends! I wanted to put together a list of vegan resources for you guys so they are all in one place. This is definitely not a complete list and I will be adding to it as time goes on! Feel free to comment below your favorite vegan resources, brands, recipes, and foods as well. If you are interested in veganism but have yet to take the plunge I urge you to checkout the vegan sections of your grocery store. The options are endless and there is an alternative for every single thing that you could think of!

Just a disclaimer- I only ever recommend meat alternatives/cheese alternatives/egg alternatives to those beginning their transition or are having a hard time not eating animal products. Meat alternatives, cheese alternatives, and egg alternatives are heavily processed and really not all that healthy but are great for a treat or as a transitioning tool only. Also, make sure you read ingredients and only buy organic or at the very least non-GMO alternatives because they can have some pretty nasty stuff in them! Plant-based whole foods is the goal, but alternatives can be used as a stepping stone to get there :)

Dairy Alternatives

Meat Alternatives

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