My Switch To All Natural Makeup Products

nontoxic makeup

This post contains affiliate links. But I would never recommend a product that I don't actually use and love myself. Making a purchase through these links creates no extra cost to you but serves as a way I can keep this blog up and running. Thank you for your continued support! 

Hi friends! In this post I want to talk about my switch to makeup with all natural ingredients and how I'm exercising conscious consumerism in the beauty area of my life.

The scary part about cosmetics is that they are "regulated" by the FDA (meaning they have a few measly rules they must adhere to, key word- measly) BUT are not approved by the FDA. So, these cosmetic companies can put anything they want in their makeup- and they do! According to the FDA, "The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA approval before they go on the market." 

Over 89% of cosmetic ingredients have not been tested for public safety!

The FDA requires the cosmetic companies to label their products, but when it comes down to it, it's the individual company and manufacturer who are responsible for the safety. The cosmetic companies have no requirements to share their safety information with the FDA. Essentially, our makeup products are deemed safe simply because the cosmetic companies that make them, say they are. There's really no one to hold them to any standards except themselves. Knowing that, you can see that there's a lot of room there for this industry to do what they want.

nontoxic makeup

If we take a look at what's actually in our makeup products, most of those ingredients are things you want to avoid. I want to take a look at 6 ingredients that are most common in our makeup as well as other personal care products. These are just some ingredients that you want to avoid at all costs.


1. Parabens

These are preservatives that are carcinogenic and disrupt hormones. This chemical is in almost every personal care product, and is something we need to stay away from!

2. Phthalates

This is also a preservative that is linked to organ toxicity, reproductive and neurological damage, asthma, and allergies, and much more.

3. Fragrance

This is basically a general word for a concoction of chemicals that have been combined together to create a scent. Cosmetic companies are not obligated to disclose what are in these "fragrances" and they are often carcinogenic and are full of parabens and phthalates- linked to organ toxicity, asthma, allergies as well as birth defects, migraines and so much more.

4. Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide in nanoparticle form promotes inflammation and increases the risk of cancer. Nanoparticles are popping up in everything these days and are dangerous because they are toxic to humans and the environment and can cause tissue and DNA damage. The FDA just recently deemed Titanium Dioxide as a "likely" carcinogen. But since cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA, it doesn't matter! It's used in almost everything and is something that definitely needs to be avoided.

5. Oxybenzone

This is what is found in SPF sunscreen and is very dangerous. A lot of makeup has SPF in it which means oxybenzone is in it. While it may be "protecting" you from the sun, it's an endocrine disruptor, leading to hormone imbalances, as well as cancer. A lot of people are recently freaking out about sunscreen because it's bad for the coral in the ocean. I think the bigger focus should be on the fact that we're worried about the coral when we should be worried about how this stuff is affecting our bodies. Don't get me wrong, the environment is important, but why are we realizing it's damaging to the earth before we're realizing it's damaging to ourselves? Avoid this ingredient in makeup, sunscreen, and any other personal care products.

6. Talc

Talc is found in almost all makeup powders including some baby powders and more and more studies are showing that it is linked to ovarian cancer.

Knowing what to look for is a big help when shopping. 

EWG's Skin Deep is a GREAT resource if you're wondering how safe a product really is or if you want to learn more about ingredients. They give each product an overall rating as well as each individual ingredient.

It took me about a year to fully make the switch to all natural makeup products. It takes a lot of research and ingredient reading and learning, a lot of testing different products, and a lot of money. But it's well worth it. Please keep in mind that I would never share or recommend anything that I don't actually love and use myself. I want to share these brands with you because I love them and because I want to give you the resources to live a cleaner lifestyle!

nontoxic makeup
nontoxic makeup


The hardest part about switching to natural makeup for me has been the foundation. Every natural foundation that I tried ended up being more like a tinted moisturizer. With my occasional breakouts and hyper pigmentation, I need something that is medium-full coverage at all times. I came across Araza Beauty one day, tried a sample of their 7 in 1 Coconut Cream Foundation and fell IN LOVE. The consistency is amazing. It provides full coverage and a little goes A LONG way. It leaves my face feeling and looking smooth! It allows my real skin to show through so I don't look cakey or like my face is painted on, but at the same time it covers the problem areas that I need it to. Not to mention that the ingredients are AMAZING and Araza is cruelty free!!

For powder, I bought Mineral Veil from Omiana. It is a translucent powder and has two ingredients: non-GMO rice powder and kaolin. It works great for a simple powder. I also purchased a sample of blush from Omiana which will last me a long time because I only wear blush occasionally. I really love this brand because you can pick what ingredients you don't want in your products. Omiana also guarantees that all particles are not nano-sized or even micronized in size. They list their EWG rating under each product which is helpful as well. I loved my purchases so much that I have a code for you guys to use so you can experience clean, nontoxic makeup too! If you use the code KAETLYNANNE at checkout, you will get 10% off your order!

Contour is definitely the one makeup product I can't live without! I purchased Foundation Powder in the darkest shade from Honeybee Gardens. Another company that I am loving!! All their products are rated a 1 or lower on the EWG website. One thing I was worried about when purchasing was some products said "may contain Titanium Dioxide," but after contacting them, I learned they do not use Titanium Dioxide in nanoparticle form.


For my eyebrows, I made some DIY eyebrow gel with 2 ingredients that cost me nothing! It works amazing and you would never be able to tell that it's not store-bought. If you can DIY it, don't buy it!


I also purchased my mascara and eyeliner from Honeybee Gardens. I bought the Honeybee Gardens: Truly Natural Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Mascara in black and Effortless Eye Liner in the shade passion. It's a plum color that I absolutely LOVE!

Not only are these companies that I purchased from natural and cruelty free, but they are also small businesses that I feel great about supporting. By choosing consciously where I'm putting my money, I'm one less person consuming from the "big name" chemical-filled cosmetic industry. I'm using the power of my voice to tell you the importance, so hopefully you can also become one less person supporting the them too. I'd rather have a $100 makeup bag full of a few simple products that are ethically made with good ingredients, than $100 worth of toxins from companies that test on animals and are made in a factory.

It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream. Most women wear makeup and use some sort of personal care products daily. As we learned above, the products that are readily available to us on the store shelves are full of chemicals that disrupt our bodily functions. Meanwhile we sit here wondering why there is so many cases of cancer, hormone imbalances, and other illnesses. We cannot wait around for change to happen. We need to be the change right now and start taking action through the power of consumerism. Join me, friends.

With care,