what bible do you use?

I use

this ESV Journaling Bible

these pens

and these highlighters


how do you edit your photos and videos?

I mainly use Lightroom and VSCO and a few other misc. apps for my photos and Final Cut Pro X for videos. I choose not to share “the filter I use” because photography and the way I take my photos and edit is so much more than just a filter slapped on them. It's taken me years to curate my editing style and I firmly believe everyone needs to find their own style through practice, not by using someone else's method! 

What makeup do you use?

I purchase nontoxic plant based makeup from Omiana and 100% Pure.

Use the code KAETLYNANNE for 10% off your Omiana purchase.

What label maker do you use?

I use this label maker :)



what camera do you use?

For my instagram I simply use my iPhone, for my videos and websites I use:

This camera

with this lens


You can read my testimony here!

are you in college?

I have chosen to no longer pursue a degree and instead to find education apart from government-funded schooling and expectations.

I’m interested in going vegetarian/vegan. where do i start?

Yay! I have many resources and have written many posts on the topic which you can find here :)

What breed is your bunny?

He is a lionhead. You can read more about life with Theo here.

Where do you get your amber bottles?

I use these amber spray bottles

and these mini amber spray bottles

and these amber roller bottles