Hot Cider | An Autumn Playlist

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 3.02.02 PM.png

Hi friends :) I'm sitting here in the morning sun while a cool autumn breeze drifts through my windows. I just put the final touches on this playlist that I've been waiting to share with you all. 

I've gathered a collection of songs that pair well with a warm drink in your hand, a long drive where the changing trees create a colorful blur as you pass by, baking fresh bread, and the soft flicker of a candle burning low. I couldn't help but add songs like "Old Pine" by Ben Howard and "Red" by Taylor Swift because although a bit cliche, those songs will always be the epitome of Autumn to me. 

A lot of these songs were transferred from last year's Camp Socks playlist, but I've also added some new songs as well. 

If the embedded playlist is  not working for here to listen through the app :)

I'm going to be adding to this playlist all season, so be sure to follow me on Spotify so you can stay updated with what I'm listening to! Feel free to leave a link below to your fall playlist! I'd love to give it a listen.