About The Author

Kaetlyn is in her twenties and calls Ohio home. She is the owner of Calico and Twine, a curated shop of goods for the simple life. Things that make Kaetlyn happy include-but are not limited to-creating, sunshine pouring through windows, a camera in hand, baking, country living, animals, a good book, fresh flowers, and Jesus. 

As the world continues to grow louder and louder, Kaetlyn believes it's time to get back to the roots of a simple and softer life. She uses this platform to speak up about things that matter and to show how one can live naturally and sustainably in a culture that tells us we need convenience and consumerism. Tackling hard topics like veganism, the food industry, environmental issues, and common toxins, Kaetlyn hopes to bring awareness to worldly ways and how we can turn from them and live our lives within the true nourishment God intended for us. 

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