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i'm bringing simple back

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Hi there!

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Kaetlyn and this is my seasonal lifestyle blog. As I continue to live a life rooted in simplicity and intention, I'm sharing it with you.

I desire to bring simple back into a world that is continuously telling us we need convenience and consumerism. I believe that slow, simple, seasonal living is where we will rediscover what it truly means to live a joyful and aligned life. Join me as we discover true nourishment that God has intended for us.

 do you struggle to live mindfully and intentionally?

Seedtime and Harvest

align your heart, habits, and home with each season

Seedtime and Harvest is a digital publication by Kaetlyn Anne released each season. Each issue is full of tips, recipes, guides, and inspiration to help you sync into the rhythms of each season.

 Inspiration for the current season…

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