Summer Sea Breeze | A Summer Linen Spray

Monday, June 19, 2017

There's nothing like crisp, line dried linens in the summer. After I shake off the bugs and bring the clothes inside, I like to spritz a little essential oils on them for extra freshness. This blend reminds me of a warm wind laced with a summer sea breeze drifting through my windows. I love this blend on laundry as well as my sheets and curtains for a freshening-up.

 Summer Linen Spray:
6 drops Bergamot
6 drops Lemon
6 drops Cypress
2oz Filtered Water

(You can adjust the number of drops to your liking—more or less, stronger, or lighter—but it's important to keep the ratio the same.)

When storing essential oils, always use a dark, glass jar so that the oils are protected from the light and aren't soaking in plastic chemicals. When making room sprays I use 2oz glass amber jars- I find these to be the perfect size! If you are using a larger spray bottle, simply increase the amount of drops of oils used.

Firstly, I take a clean bottle and fill it with fresh, filtered water. Then I add either a pinch of epsom salt or a squirt of witch hazel. Adding epsom salt, witch hazel, or alcohol to your room spray keeps the oils dispersed through the water of the spray bottle instead of separating. This allows for an even scent to be sprayed every time it's used!

I then shake it up a little so the salt dissolves or the witch hazel gets mixed up. Lastly comes the fun part- the oils! I add my desired amount of drops, put the lid on, give it a little shake, and of course add a cute label!

What are some of your favorite summer blends?

Summer Sounds

Monday, June 12, 2017

For me, the start of a season is marked by the start of a month. When June comes along, I welcome summer vibes with open arms. My summer playlists usually end up having sort of a different sound than my usual music choice.

I needed my playlist to consist of soft sounds that go perfectly with slow, blue, nights spent on the porch while the sun goes down and the fireflies come out.

But I also wanted to mix in some upbeat songs, even some more electronic sounding songs with great beats for when I'm prancing around on the beach and jumping off cliffs, all with my hair blowing perfectly in the wind-obviously. (I'm picturing a Jay Alvarez type summer here, okay?)

Not gonna lie, my June Tunes playlist from last year was pretty bangin, so I've taken a lot of songs from there to build this year's playlist.

I'll be adding new songs all summer, so give it a listen and follow along!

3 Documentaries That Will Change How You Think About Food

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

If you want to sit in front of Netflix for a couple hours enraged at how disgusting our world has become, I'm about to tell you how you can do so. It's one thing for me to sit here and preach about a clean lifestyle, but to actually see where your food is coming from— that's something you can't erase. These are three powerful documentaries that I don't want you to miss.

1. GMO OMG (2013)
This documentary is based around Jeremy, a father, who learns about GMOs and begins to investigate the largest human experiment to ever exist, that is taking place right. this. moment. This documentary has a lot of great facts about GMOs and shows how greatly they are affecting our food system and how many people don't even have a clue about what they are.

What stood out to me the most in this documentary is the amount of people who had no idea what GMOs were or if they were eating them when interviewed by Jeremy. This truly proved to me that education about our food is everything. If people had a clue about what is in their food and where it was coming from, they would make better choices. But alas, so much information is hidden from the consumer. And that is why it's time for us to step up and take matters into our own hands.

"And after 15 years of silence in this country we are finally beginning to wake up and join with millions of others in a food movement that has become a great awakening around the world." 

2. Food Matters (2008)
YOU GUYS. I've watched this three times already and I want to make the entire documentary my ringtone, my alarm clock sound, a playlist that never goes off repeat. I swear my jaw was on the ground the entire time because everything they admit I JUST KNEW WAS HAPPENING.

Despite the billions of dollars spent on finding "cures" and new "medicines", our health in America is worse than ever, and it's continuing to plummet. This documentary connects these illnesses with our food and eating habits. They touch on depression, cancer, the drug industry and how FOOD IS THE ONLY TRUE MEDICINE. All I can say is these people are onto something, and we need to learn it and apply it fervently.

"I think people need education...not medication." - Food Matters

3. Food Inc (2008)
You will sob. You will look away. You will cover your eyes. You may even have to pause it and walk away for a few minutes. Most importantly, you will never look at your dinner the same way. This documentary shows how only a few corporations have taken over almost the entire food industry/food chain and how that is affecting where, what, and how we eat as Americans. The main focus in this documentary is meat, and it's unsettling to say the least. As American's we eat copious amounts of meat, unhealthy amounts of meat. And in reality, it isn't even meat anymore. It's the idea of meat. These animals aren't treated like animals. They are grown instead of raised, they are in cruel conditions, and are simply a source of income for the disgusting human beings that farm them. And that my friends, is the "meat" that ends up in shrink wrap on your grocery store shelves and eventually in your refrigerator.

After watching this you may never want to eat meat again. Although I admire vegans and vegetarians greatly, I have always been a firm believer that certain animals are intended for our agricultural needs. (Side note: This is a personal opinion that I have talked a great deal about with God. There is much controversy about veganism and biblical views- and I believe it's a conscious decision that should be made personally between you and God. By no means does this mean I condone how animals are treated in today's meat industry. There is a line. And I do not believe the way we are using hormones, antibiotics, unnatural feed, and factory farming is in any way biblical or correct.) But the problem is, we are no longer using them- we are abusing them. Although I am at a point where I only eat organic meat, eggs, and dairy from sustainable and ethical sources, this documentary left me wondering if even that is enough. We are deliberately kept in the dark about what we are eating. But we don't have to be anymore.

"When we run an item past the supermarket scanner, we're voting. For local or not, organic or not." - Food Inc.

All three of these documentaries can be found on Netflix, and if you don't have Netflix, I recommend checking your local library :) I will guarantee you that after watching these documentaries you will never think about food the same again. You may feel angry, frustrated, betrayed, even sad. But most importantly, you will be informed.

Right now, our knowledge about the food industry is as powerful as ever. We need to take back the right to know what's in our food and how it's being made. Our first step to doing that is through education. We must leave behind everything we have ever learned about food, and immerse ourselves in the truth. The power is back in our hands now— let's use it.

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