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Monday, May 7, 2018

This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are my own. You can always trust that I only ever share brands and products that I stand behind 100%. Thank you for your support! 

Hi friends! I wanted to take some time to introduce to you one of my new favorite brands, GlobeIn! GlobeIn is a business that works with artisans around the world and in developing countries, giving them a marketplace for their work to be available globally. GlobeIn sources their products from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. They are passionate about fair trade, empowering others, sustainability, and knowing where their products come from. How cool is that?! Conscious consumerism is often a topic I speak out about on here, and I think more and more people are beginning to talk about it too. It's rare these days to find a store that practices ethical trading and sustainable business. Most of our products in stores today come from factories in other countries, where workers are used and abused in dangerous work conditions while being payed very little. This is why conscious consumerism is so important. When supporting the artisans that GlobeIn works with, not only do we know that the handmade products are high quality, but extremely meaningful as well.

GlobeIn is passionate about sharing the story and the maker behind each product. On their website when viewing a product, at the bottom of the page is more information about where it came from, who designed it, and who worked with their hands to put it together. I find this to be so extremely important to know when shopping because it creates a connection and deep gratitude for the product we are purchasing. It is also nice to know exactly where your money is going and who it's supporting. Every dollar we spend is a vote for what kind of world we want to live in.

Our world today has a large disconnect from where our products come from. If we went to a corporate chain store right now and bought something, we wouldn't be able to know who made it or how. And chances are, if we were able to learn that information, we probably would end up putting whatever we picked out back on the shelf. To us it may seem like simply buying something at the store, but there is always someone paying the price of our fast consumerism.

GlobeIn was kind enough to send me their Tea Time Box and I have been just enjoying the heck out of it! My favorite part is the little booklet that gave me more information about who crafted the lovely products that now are apart of my home.

GlobeIn offers subscription boxes and gift boxes, but you can also shop for items individually such as a mugtable clothsoap dish, etc. The next time you need something for your home such as a new cups for your kitchen or a new blanket for the colder months, or even a gift for a friend, consider shopping consciously and sustainably with a company like GlobeIn instead of heading to a corporate chain. 

Thank you so much for reading, friends! You can shop all of GlobeIn's artisan products here! 

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