Earth Day Instagram Challenge: Introduction

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hi friends! So the other day I asked on Instagram if any of you would be interested in doing an Instagram challenge for Earth Day and a lot of you said yes! I want to keep this super simple and easy for anyone and everyone to do! This challenge will be centered around the earth and sustainable/conscious living. I have come to *strongly dislike* the words "zero-waste" (more on that at a later time) and I do not want this to be something where you feel like you have to be "zero-waste" or anything near it to participate! I want this instagram challenge to celebrate where everyone is at in their journey and whatever steps you are taking to make the earth a better place- whether that be big or small!

This challenge is going to be a 3 day challenge happening on Friday April 20th, Saturday April 21st, and Sunday April 22nd, which is Earth Day. I figured everyone would have a little more time to participate during a weekend rather than during a work week.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at 12:01 am EST, a blog post will go live explaining more in depth each day's challenge and the heart behind it. I encourage everyone to get creative with their photos and posts! I think this will be a fun way to slow down and find inspiration from each other.

Here is a sneak peak at what each challenge will be about: 

Day 1 (Friday April 20th): Share something that you already do in your day to day life that is environmentally friendly

Day 2 (Saturday April 21st): Nourish the earth and your body by preparing and eating 1 meal that is fully plant based (don't fear if you don't regularly eat this way- I will provide a ton of simple recipes for you to choose from if you don't know where to start!)

Day 3 (Sunday April 22nd Earth Day): Go outside and spend time in nature- whatever that may look like to you!

Be sure to read each day's blog post prior to beginning the challenge in order to get more details and ideas! I'm really excited about the challenge and the chance to get creative with each prompt. But the thing I'm most excited about is the giveaway that I am doing at the end! Anyone who participates in the instagram challenge will be entered to win a package of sustainable-living goodies (I will be sharing what these are on Instagram later this week- so keep an eye out!) One random winner will be picked and announced at some point during the week after Earth Day. (Unfortunately, since international shipping is so expensive, the giveaway will only be available to those in the United States. I'm so sorry!)

In order to be entered into the giveaway you need to:
  • Participate in all 3 days of the challenge
  • Post all 3 photos on your instagram feed
  • Tag me (@kaetlyn.anne) in each photo (not just the caption! it will get lost in my notification page and I won't be able to see your photos) 
  • Tag your photos under the hashtag #kaetlynanneearthdaychallenge (it's a long one i know, but I think it will be helpful to see the collection of photos in one place!)
  • If you are a private account, message me screenshots of your posts so I am able to see them!
So what do you guys think? Will you be participating? Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have- and keep an eye out for that first post on Friday morning at 7 am EST!

With care,


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