Earth Day Instagram Challenge: Day 3

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Welcome to day 3 of our Earth Day Instagram Challenge, and Happy Earth Day! I loved seeing all of your delicious food yesterday. There were so many great ideas!

Today's prompt is...

Go outside, connect with nature and share a photo of your day!
Celebrate Earth Day by taking some time to be mindful and grateful for this beautiful earth that God put so much thought and love into.

This will look different for everyone. Maybe you like to hike, maybe you enjoy tending to your garden, maybe you want to head to your local park and pick up litter, or maybe you would like to take a simple walk. Whatever getting outside looks like for you- snap a picture of it and share on instagram!

It's so easy for us to go about our day to day lives without really truly seeing nature and the beauty of it. I'm so guilty of this! By slowing down and taking time to fully appreciate all of God's creation, we experience an awakening and connection that drives our desire to want to treat the planet with care.

Don't forget that in order to be entered into the giveaway, you must:
  • Participate in the prompt and post a photo of it on your instagram feed
  • Tag me (@kaetlyn.anne) in each photo (not just the caption! it will get lost in my notification page and I won't be able to see your photos) 
  • Tag your photos under the hashtag #kaetlynanneearthdaychallenge 
  • If you are a private account, message me screenshots of your posts so I am able to see them!
I pray beautiful weather over you all today, and I can't wait to see your outdoor adventures! Thank you so much for participating in this Instagram challenge. Everyone's posts have been so creative and inspiring! Keep your eyes peeled these next few days for the giveaway winner announcement!

With care,

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