Nontoxic Easter Candy

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hi friends! With Easter right around the corner I wanted to do a quick roundup of candy that isn't full of carcinogens. Trust me, I knowwww how good Reese's Eggs taste. But they seriously are not worth the health consequences! I talked about why we should avoid these conventional candies at all cost around Halloween time last year, which you can read here.  I also encourage you to take the time to read the resources I have linked at the bottom of this article that speak a little more in depth about the dangers of conventional candies.

All of these candies I have gathered for you are free of artificial colors, preservatives, animal products, GMOs and all that other nastiness! Oh and did I mention they are equally as delicious?

Nontoxic Easter Candy:
Yum Earth Organic Easter Candy
Yum Earth Sour Jelly Beans
Wholesome Organic Bunny Lollipops
Any of Wholesome's Vegan Gummies
Yum Earth Lollipops
Yum Earth Sour Twists
Certified Vegan Chocolates from Unreal Candy
Quinoa Chocolate from Alter Eco
Certified Vegan Chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate

I also encourage you to check out the bulk candy section at your local health food store. I know I have seen organic gummies at places like Whole Foods and Earth Fare that are made with pectin instead of gelatin. (If you don't know, gelatin is made from boiling animal skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, etc which is why products like candies and marshmallows that contain gelatin are not vegan.)

If you're not really a fan of dedicating an entire holiday to pumping your kids full of sugar, whether it be organic or not, here are a few non-candy ideas that you can fill Easter baskets with!

Candy alternatives for Easter baskets:
A new piece of clothing
Puzzle books
Coloring books
A toy
Stuffed animals
Craft supplies
Gift cards
Healthy snacks
A coupon for a day trip to your kid's favorite place

Sources and further reading about conventional candy:
Halloween Candy: Unexpected Dangers
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Does Your Favorite Candy Have GMOs?
The Truth About Food Dye
Food Dye Linked to Cancer, ADHD, Allergies
Are You or Your Family Eating Toxic Food Dyes?
Halloween Candy Has Deadly Ingredients
Marketing Artificial Color to Children Should Be Illegal
Side Effects of Artificial Flavoring
Foods with Fructose
High Fructose Corn Syrup Dangers
Dangerous Food Additives


  1. hey, chica! I was super impressed by your courage & boldness when it came to sharing your beliefs about Halloween! I would encourage you to look up the origins of Easter, as well. it's not exactly what it seems. xx, Clare

    1. hey Clare, thanks! I’m aware of the origins of Easter. For us Easter is about celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection. Whether you wanna call it “Easter” or not, I would never pass up an opportunity to celebrate that. Although Halloween and Easter are said to have pagan roots- Easter is now a Christian holiday and I have never felt a personal conviction about celebrating.

    2. glad to hear it :) everyone has their own priesthood. my family chooses not to celebrate it, as it seems wrong to mix the fertility cult with Jesus' life & death. but I totally respect your decision + the fact that you do your research & know your stuff. much love.


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