The Dangers of Wearable Technology

Monday, February 26, 2018

We live in a world full of radiation, and many of us are suffering without realizing it. Foggy brain, migraines, sleeping problems, fatigue, trouble focusing, and cancer are just a few effects of our radiation-laden world. We all have cell phones, wifi, LTE, and now with the very real threat of 5G cellphone service, we need to be on guard and taking steps from protecting ourselves more fervently than ever.

Electronics like cellphones and wifi emit radio frequency radiation in a form of electromagnetic fields, also known as EMFs. EMFs have been long thought to be safe, and you will probably still find people trying to convince you they are. Don't be fooled. Thousands of studies are showing us that EMF radiation is linked to many types of cancer, damaged DNA, and many other diseases.

EMFs can be from many sorts of things such as microwaves, wireless baby monitors, smart meters, voice-automated home systems (such as the Amazon echo), as well as wearable tech such as Apple Watches and Fitbits. These new trends of "Radiation Jewelry" as I like to call them, are very dangerous to our health. Quite the opposite than what they are advertised to be, huh? As a part of my simple life, I avoid many of these new technologies. We do things the old fashioned way around here as much as we can. I still use a cellphone, wifi, and computer because I'm not trying to live off the grid (yet) but things like microwaves, bluetooth, wireless technologies, etc, I avoid. (We even still use things called light switches to turn our lights on and off!)

Wearable technologies such as Apple Watches and Fitbits release a constant stream of EMFs into your body, even when they are not in use. They are constantly bouncing from tower to tower looking for a signal. And you're wearing them directly on your body all.the.time. I totally understand wanting to be motivated and keep track of things when it comes to fitness, but can we take a step back and get to our roots here? There are plenty of ways to stay motivated and keep track of your progress without running the risk of cancerous tumors, blood abnormalities, infertility, and brain damage. Ask yourself this-what's more important? Your life, or the number of steps you took today? I know that may seem dramatic, but at this point, radiation is something to take seriously.

In my opinion, these bands that were created to aid people in their fitness journey have turned something really positive into a health risk. Many of us are EMF sensitive even if you may not know it, and wearing these technologies that are supposed to help us become healthier, are actually making us worse off than we were without them.

Another thing that really irks me about Apple Watches is that it's basically like having your phone in your hand all day every day. How does anyone ever relax? I don't know about you but I never want to be connected to my emails, phone calls, and texts 24/7. This creates anxiety, addition and dependence on technology, not to mention the physical health effects from the radiation such as trouble sleeping, foggy brain, difficulty concentrating, migraines, etc. Especially in today's world we need time to unplug and step away from technology in order to promote mental and physical healing.

Sorry if this felt a bit rant-y. I just felt like it was something that needed to be said. Of course, using wearable technology is a personal decision, but it is important to be able to make an informed decision by knowing not only the benefits, but the risks too. I hope this has been informative and eye-opening to my fellow Fitbit and Apple Watch users and inspires you to be more aware of the effects of radiation.

Check out this post to learn 8 important yet realistic ways to reduce your radiation exposure.

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  2. I agree with this completely. I love the look of an apple watch but there's no way I want my phone strapped to my wrist all day! I already look at it more than I would like. Haven't used microwave for almost two decades! Love your blog.

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