Summer Sounds

Monday, June 12, 2017

For me, the start of a season is marked by the start of a month. When June comes along, I welcome summer vibes with open arms. My summer playlists usually end up having sort of a different sound than my usual music choice.

I needed my playlist to consist of soft sounds that go perfectly with slow, blue, nights spent on the porch while the sun goes down and the fireflies come out.

But I also wanted to mix in some upbeat songs, even some more electronic sounding songs with great beats for when I'm prancing around on the beach and jumping off cliffs, all with my hair blowing perfectly in the wind-obviously. (I'm picturing a Jay Alvarez type summer here, okay?)

Not gonna lie, my June Tunes playlist from last year was pretty bangin, so I've taken a lot of songs from there to build this year's playlist.

I'll be adding new songs all summer, so give it a listen and follow along!

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