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Monday, June 19, 2017

There's nothing like crisp, line dried linens in the summer. After I shake off the bugs and bring the clothes inside, I like to spritz a little essential oils on them for extra freshness. This blend reminds me of a warm wind laced with a summer sea breeze drifting through my windows. I love this blend on laundry as well as my sheets and curtains for a freshening-up.

 Summer Linen Spray:
6 drops Bergamot
6 drops Lemon
6 drops Cypress
2oz Filtered Water

(You can adjust the number of drops to your liking—more or less, stronger, or lighter—but it's important to keep the ratio the same.)

When storing essential oils, always use a dark, glass jar so that the oils are protected from the light and aren't soaking in plastic chemicals. When making room sprays I use 2oz glass amber jars- I find these to be the perfect size! If you are using a larger spray bottle, simply increase the amount of drops of oils used.

Firstly, I take a clean bottle and fill it with fresh, filtered water. Then I add either a pinch of epsom salt or a squirt of witch hazel. Adding epsom salt, witch hazel, or alcohol to your room spray keeps the oils dispersed through the water of the spray bottle instead of separating. This allows for an even scent to be sprayed every time it's used!

I then shake it up a little so the salt dissolves or the witch hazel gets mixed up. Lastly comes the fun part- the oils! I add my desired amount of drops, put the lid on, give it a little shake, and of course add a cute label!

What are some of your favorite summer blends?

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