Ways To Reduce Radiation Exposure

Monday, May 1, 2017

For YEARS my mom constantly nagged me to "get my computer off my ovaries", not put my phone in my pocket, or sleep with it by my head. She even created a rule that phones must be placed on the kitchen counter at night instead of our rooms. I constantly rolled my eyes at this and didn't understand why I couldn't fall asleep texting my friends like every other normal teenager. But as usual, moms are ALWAYS RIGHT! I'm so thankful for all these rules that seemed like annoyances. Radiation from cell phones, wifi, computers, tablets, ipads, etc- is real and it's dangerous.

Cellphones and wifi emit radio frequency radiation which is a form of electromagnetic field. EMFs have long been thought to be safe but are being proven otherwise by thousands of studies that are showing that cellphone radiation is linked to many types of cancer, damaged DNA and many other diseases. Using your cellphone just a half an hour everyday day increases your risk for brain tumor by 40% (TTAC).

Laptops and tablets are a source of radiation as well. Along with radio frequency radiation, computers and tablets emit two other types of radiation as well- extremely low frequency radiation (ELF) and Heat Radiation. ELF is created from the electrical parts of the computers including the charger and plug. Heat radiation is when the device overheats because it has been powered on for too long. A few of the diseases linked to EMFs exposures from tablets and laptops include cancer, brain tumors, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many more.

We Ditched Our Microwave awhile back in order to help reduce radiation, but in this day and age, electromagnetic radiation is found in more places than just the machines that are cooking our food. They are virtually everywhere. The good news is we are not hopeless in this fact and there are ways we can protect ourselves.

Now mind you, I'm not about to tell you to throw your cellphones in the garbage. We live in a time where technology is prominent and so beneficial, so I'm going to share 8 simple and realistic ways you can reduce your radiation exposure :)

Keep electronics off your body
When I was in high school and middle school for some reason it was the cool thing to keep our cell phones in our bras. (Anyone else?!) This couldn't be any further from "cool." Keeping phones in pockets and bras leads to direct emission of radiation into our bodies. This goes for putting laptops and tablets on our bodies while we are using them as well. Studies have shown that putting electronics on our laps or in our pockets (right near our reproductive organs!!!) can easily result in infertility and damaged sperm cells.

The latest trend of Radiation Jewelry....oh.. um, oops, I meant Apple Watches, is also dangerous considering it's like having a phone on your wrist at all times constantly emitting radiation into your body through direct contact. According to the FCC, computer/laptop type devices (so basically any electronics) need to be placed approximately 8 inches from the body when in use.

Don't sleep with your phone in your room
If you feel you really do keep your phone in your room because it's your alarm or for whatever reason, it's best to keep it on airplane mode and as far away from your body and bed as possible. Please, please do not sleep with your cell phone next to your head. That's possibly one of the worst things you could do. The even better option is to invest in an alarm clock and leave your phone downstairs while you sleep.

Turn the wifi off at night
When we sleep, our body is in it's restoration and repair mode. It's hard for our body to perform this correctly when it is also fighting off EMFs which slow down the body's natural healing process. It's best to turn your wifi router off at night.

Turn computers off at night
If you keep your laptop in your room at night, make sure it is turned off and unplugged because of ELFs and heat radiation. It's always best to give our electronics a break. They need to sleep too! The even better option is to leave it turned off, unplugged, and not in the bedroom at night.

Keep bluetooth off
Avoid using wireless headphones or bluetooth devices as these are directly zapping your brain with radiation. Those new apple pods? $160 worth of brain cancer. Convenience isn't necessarily better, especially when our health is at risk.

Use speaker phone
Limit phone calls when possible because when you talk on the phone, your phone is next to your head. Use headphones or speaker phone if you do need to make a call. Also avoid using the phone in places with bad service and in the car because your phone is increasing it's search for service at those times.

Keep phone on airplane mode in the car
When you are in the car, the amount of EMFs are greater than ever. Because you are in motion, your cell phone is bouncing around from tower to tower looking for service, as well as searching for wifi to connect to. Keep your phone on airplane mode or keep it far far away from your body.

Keep wifi printers turned off when not in use
It's definitely convenient and nice to be able to print a piece of paper from the bedroom while your printer is in the basement. But by leaving your printer on, that's one more device that is connected to the wifi and creating more radiation through your house. One extra trip to the printer may be more beneficial to your health than you had ever thought.

At first these tasks may seem tedious and unimportant, but all it takes is a few times to get in the habit of doing them and for that you will be so much healthier. We live in a dangerous world but we can protect ourselves and we don't have to end up as another cancer statistic.


  1. You literally make me want to change the entire way I live. This is so scary but so so real. Thanks for sharing Kaetlyn!

  2. Should I be wary of all electronics or just microwaves/phones/computers? Because my diffuser is definitely electric and I run that in the room while I sleep at night.

    1. Hey girl! So, yes all electronics emit radiation in small amounts, but since it's just not reasonable and quite frankly not possible to avoid all electronics all the time, the ones we should be most concerned about are the electronics that connect to the internet, such as our phones, smart watches, computers, etc. Unless your diffuser is a blue tooth diffuser (sadly, these exist) then I wouldn't worry about it. I sleep with my diffuser all the time too :)


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