DIY Essential Oil Blend Cards

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hi friends! Today I'm going to show you how I make my handy-dandy essential oils blend cards! They are my new obsession and are seriously so fun and relaxing to make! Maybe this is actually a cool idea or maybe I just have too much time on my hands 😂 (Is it socially acceptable to use emojis in blog posts?) I like aesthetically pleasing stuff- y'all know that!! And organization is my thaaang.

 It's handy to keep my blend cards right next to my oils + diffuser for easy access instead of trying to flip through my thousands of notebooks and papers looking for a blend I wrote down days or weeks ago. Plus they are just super cute and fun to flip through when I'm choosing one to use!!

What you need:
Unruled notecards
Paint (I used watercolors!)

I began by writing down blends from Pinterest that sounded good as well as some of my personal favorites. Then I gave them cute names because, duh!

I gathered up some unruled notecards and cut them in half. You can keep them full-sized if you want, but I wanted to keep my design small and minimal and didn't need the full card.

I begin by writing the title of the blend at the top of the page, and then I draw the circles and write the name of the oils that are in the blend. One circle = 1 drop of that oil.  I start with the larger number of drops on top, and go down from there.

For the last step I mix up some pretty water colors and fill in the circles! I don't necessarily follow a key for the colors, I just combine ones that look nice together!

I stack 'em up and keep them next to my diffuser set up- I seriously love these things! If you have trouble remembering blends or always find yourself scrolling through Pinterest to find the right blend for you mood, this method may make it easier! Thanks for reading, friends! See you here next week :)

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