Why We Ditched Our Microwave

Monday, March 6, 2017

Hi friends! I wanted to share a little bit behind why my family decided to get rid of our microwave. In the back of our minds we were always kind of suspicious about the dangers of microwave ovens, but we never really knew what they were. Once we found out, we took action. I hope this post will inspire you to truly think about this information and consider the research that has been done. There are a lot of people out there scrambling to label this information as a "myth" but I am going to believe the evidence. More information as well as studies that have been done are linked at the bottom of this post. Let's get to the point, shall we?

A microwave oven is called a microwave because well, it uses microwaves... Did your mom ever tell you not to stand in front of the microwave when you were little? That's because the microwave radiation doesn't just stay in the confines of the microwave oven. It radiates all throughout your house, your walls, and through your body. Although the amounts of microwave radiation have to meet FDA "standards" but there is still a great amount that is radiating throughout your house. In 2011, exposure from the amount and type of radiation that come from a microwave oven were labeled as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. That's what's "cooking" your food! Studies have shown that microwaving meats, milk, cereal grains, frozen fruits and frozen veggies creates carcinogens in one form or another.

On top of the danger of radiation getting into your food, when you use unsafe containers in the microwave (such as ANY type of plastic, even ones claiming to be microwave safe) the toxins from the container are also getting into your food resulting in a steaming hot plate of carcinogens...yum!

Even from a new and correctly functioning microwave oven, the microwave levels are likely to be higher in that room than from any nearby cellphone station. If people are finally admitting that cell phone radiation causes cancer, it's time to admit that microwave oven radiation is just as dangerous.

Food loses nutrients in the microwave
There are many many people that deny that cooking food in a microwave causes food to lose it's nutrients. The common come-back is that cooking food in any shape or form causes it to lose nutrients. Which is correct. Of course, eating raw is always the best option when considering the amount of nutrients in food. But I'm guessing that most of you reading this don't eat a 100% raw diet. I don't either. So when it comes to cooked food, cooking on a stove or in the oven with fire vs radiation in a microwave, is better for you. It's undeniable that food being cooked by microwave radiation is going to be less healthier than food cooked on a stove or in an oven.

My version of slow living doesn't include microwaves
Besides the fact that microwaves are dangerous to our health, My family and I are working on living slower and more intentionally. And cooking is a big part of that. In slow living I believe cooking should be a meditation and something to be done s l o w l y. Microwaves just don't fall into that category! Microwaves are a man made invention to do what...? Warm up food...faster? These days everything is about speed and efficiency. But instead, I want intention and things that are done well.

Is convenience really convenient if it comes at a cost? 

That cost is my family's health. Cooking on a stove or in the oven creates food that is cooked, warmed, and prepared by fire and your hands. Not radiation. Ever notice how food cooked in the microwave only gets warm in certain spots, and often gets cold really fast after you take it out to eat? It's because the microwave is not truly cooking your food! Food simply tastes better when it's cooked and prepared correctly. When we ditched our microwave, we also ditched radiation, health risks, and society's mindset that everything needs to be done quickly.

If you're interested in more details and more of the science-y side of why microwaves are dangerous, these are of the few articles that speak the t r u t h.
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  1. Another great post! I 100% agree with everything said. I try not to use microwaves, because I'm aware of all the harmful effects that can come from using them. When I move out I plan not to have a microwave. This just gets me more pumped! I was actually thinking of investing in an air fryer. What are your thoughts on those?

    1. Hi Syd! Thank you so much! That's so good to hear. It will save you $ too by not having to buy one when you move out! I personally would not use an air fryer just because I stay away from extra appliances like that that may contain plastic that gets heated or just other chemicals in the materials. I don't know much about air fryers but I would suggest getting one that doesn't have plastic in it or is all stainless steel if possible. Thanks for your comment! xoxo

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