March Favorites

Friday, March 31, 2017

1. Reading
I've been reading a lot of Mary Oliver lately. Everything she writes resonates with me. She acknowledges the darkness, but also gives adequate credit to the light and it's a beautiful balance. West Wind has been my favorite of her books lately.

I also recently read Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes in one day because it was so good! And now I am currently reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Can you tell I'm obsessed with Paris?

2. Watching
You know those girls that are obsessed with a TV show and fictional characters and they follow a bunch of fan accounts and you're like I will never be one of those girls and then all of a sudden you are one of those girls?! That's what Riverdale will do to you, folks. It's normally not the type of show I would be into so I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed, but something about it just sucks you in! (coughcolesprousecough) Anyways it's so good and I've been watching it every time it's on like a little girl.

I also just finished When Calls The Heart on Netflix...So good! Now I'm going to read the book series.

3. Listening
Elevation's new album There Is a Cloud has been on repeat ever since it came out. So, so good.
I've also been listening to my Spring Playlist a lot since it's finally time :-)
Other songs I've been loving:
Hang On Little Tomato- Pink Martini
The Wind- Yusuf / Cat Stevens
Koop Island Blues- Koop

4. Wearing
Lately I've been wearing either mom jeans and overalls like, every day. I can't stop! I made a pinterest board titled Spring/Summer Looks in hopes of gathering some inspiration of outfits I could throw together with the warmer weather coming, and the entire board ended up being jeans and white tee shirts! It's such a simple and classic look and really doesn't get old.

Also, you know that new trend of cutoff bootcut jeans and they're calling them "culottes" but we all know they're just denim gauchos? Yeah, I'm kinda really into that look too.

Other things I've been loving this month:
This recipe
These vibes
This quote
This film

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