Winter Blues

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm back! Sorry I missed a week, it's those dang winter blues getting to me. For some reason winter is hitting me hard this year. Anyone else feel the same way? I've been trying not to fall into an unhealthy seasonal slump, so I thought I would share a few ways I'm staying motivated that you can do too.

1. Pamper yourself
Do a face mask, paint your nails, take a detox bath, do your makeup just for fun. When you feel good physically, you feel good mentally.

2. Stretch
I've been making it a point to stretch every morning because it just makes ya feel so good throughout your whole day! The winter tends to make my bones feel frail and achey because, tis the season of hibernating. But stretching has been helping my body feel better and ready to move. I like to diffuse essential oils, put on relaxing music, and follow along to a yoga stretching video on youtube.

3. Drink more water
I don't know why this helps exactly but I feel like drinking more water is the answer to everything so we'll throw this one in here for good measure. Brush your teeth and drink some ice water and you'll feel like you have your life together, promise.

4. Take Vitamin D
Our bodies are desperate for this in the winter. Low vitamin D levels can lead to depression, lack of motivation, exhaustion, etc. Taking a vitamin D supplement will help with your energy, boost your immune system, and has many other benefits to your health on top of that! I've really been noticing a big difference since I started taking mine.

5. Allow yourself to rest
In the winter our bodies naturally want more rest and sleep. Allow yourself to hibernate and get the extra rest that you need. Take a nap! Take two! Get your stuff done. But leave yourself time for extra coziness.

6. Diffuse Essential Oils
Certain essential oils are uplifting, mood boosting, and can even help with depression and anxiety.

Winter Blues Blend: 
2 drops Orange
2 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Juniper Berry
2 drops Frankincense

also, if you're a doTerra person, the Elevation blend is amazing!

7. Buy a plant
Plants are amazing air purifiers which is necessary in the winter when you can't have your windows open to get fresh air. Having plants in your home will lift your mood and make up for the lack of green outside.

8. Do something new
For me, along with winter comes the desire for something different, something out of the ordinary. Rearrange your house, paint a wall, sign up for a yoga class, learn how to knit, read an unfamiliar genre, take a class that interests you just for fun. The other weekend I painted a chalkboard wall in my bedroom and this semester I'm taking a writing class just for fun. Something I normally wouldn't do, but it's fun and satisfying my need for something different.

One day last week I woke up and I was totally not feeling the day at all. I easily could have retreated to my bed with a box of cookies but I made the decision to work hard at everything I needed to do, even if I wasn't feeling it. By the end of the day, all of my stuff was done and I felt motivated and inspired again. My best advice to beat the winter blues is to do your best at everything you need to do, but also leave time to catch up on rest and the TLC that your body needs. Find joy in the little things, try something new and remember that spring will always come!

"The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter." -Jen Slelinsky

"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips it's turn." -Hal Borland

I'd love to hear what you're doing to stay motivated this winter! Until next time, friends :)


  1. This will definitely make me feel much better. I've been down since the season started. I crave yellow and warm weather. Hehe thanks for the awesome ideas! Love your thoughts and photos. ⭐��

  2. Loved this post. Yoga is definitely my favorite form of releasing stress.

  3. I'm so guilty of this—you should see my house right now, girl. It's an actual disaster. I was going to the gym regularly again and I perked up, then it stopped. There's a fragile balance between pushing yourself out of a slump to do things you know will make you feel better, and not pushing yourself because you don't want to feel like you're doing something only because you think you're supposed to be doing it. I'm trying to find the middle ground between pushing myself and being thankful for it later, and not pushing because I'm allowing myself to be okay with doing nothing. I'm the worst at relaxing and feeling unproductive. I'm trying to teach myself that sometimes it's okay to just do nothing—to relax on the couch, watch tv, and not feel bad about doing nothing else but that. I stress way more than a person should, and I need balance. But I've also been working st curing some winter blues by creating my NC bucket list—we've only got 18 months left here before we move away and my husband will be gone for literally half of that, so I have a list of places I've never been but want to go/things I haven't done and want to do—it's a hearty list but in the past month since I made it I've done 3 already and I've picked up the pace and don't plan on stopping. Exploring new places is good for the soul and helps me de-stress. I can't really pain any walls or have much to rearrange at home right now, but I'm an expert at wasting gas and blasting good music on long drives.


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