How to Purchase Essential Oils + My Favorite Blends

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hello everyone! Let's talk oils! In this post I share 3 of my current favorite + most used blends and why I love them so much. I also touch briefly on the importance of buying the right essential oils. Happy diffusing to ya!

Hormonal Balancing Blend
1 drop Geranium
3 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Frankincense

Geranium is a really great oil to have on hand because of it's many uses. My favorite being hormone balancing. It's not my favorite scent, but I know it's super good for me. I stick with one drop in my diffuser because it's so strong. Clary Sage is also used for balancing out our estrogen levels.
I like to add a few drops of Frankincense as well because Frankincense is truly good for everything. It's like the god of the oils. These three oils are also very stress relieving and support restful sleep. I like to diffuse this blend at night and on days that's I'm feeling a little crabby.

Sleep + Calming Blend
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Orange
2 drops Bergamot

These are all oils that are very relaxing and soothing to the body, Lavender especially. Lavender and orange smell great together and I like to add a little Bergamot to help relieve stress even further. All of these oils promote restful sleep so diffusing it at night will leave you refreshed and stress-free in the morning.

Mood Boost Blend
2 drops Elevation
1 drop Grapefruit
2 drops Bergamot
1 drop Peppermint

Elevation is a blend from doTERRA, but these are the oils I've found pairs best with it. If you don't have Elevation, even grapefruit + bergamot + peppermint smell great together! The peppermint will wake up your mind while the bergamot relieves stress. Bergamot can even been used as an anti-depressant! It's one of my favorite oils.

Purchasing essential oils is a purchase that is essential to be done right. A lot of big store corporations have begun selling "essential oils" such as Target, EarthFare, Walmart even. These oils that you see in these stores are, yes, cheap, but they are not 100% pure essential oils. They are diluted with fillers and chemicals. To inform you in the short and sweetest way possible-when buying essential oils it is critical that you are purchasing 100% pure.

There are many people who swear by purchasing only from the big brands such as Young Living or doTerra, but in my opinion this is not necessary. Both Young Living and doTerra are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils and are claimed to be made without synthetic ingredients and fillers, etc, and they are great oils. But they are overpriced and are missing a key factor that I believe is important when it comes to essential oils- organicAlthough my family does purchase from doTerra, we also purchase from other brands that are well researched, pure, and also certified organic. They are way more affordable and you don't need to purchase them through a member/advocate like you do for Young Living or doTerra. If you're looking to make a purchase and not sure of the right brands, shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to suggest a few to you!

If you want to talk and learn more about essential oils I would love to chat with you!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. Hi Kaetlyn!

    I stumbled upon your blog through Instagram actually. I just recently started researching essential oils and the whole natural living thing... and I am OVERWHELMED to say the least! I have a couple friends who are members of Young Living and swear by it, but I'm a little hesitant because they really are so expensive. This blog post in particular was helpful! I'd love to hear any recommendations you may have for someone who's starting out on this journey.

    Love your blog! Keep doing what you're doing!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! They are really expensive. I love Mountain Rose Herbs because they are all organic and you don't have to buy through a member of the program. Because it's not a multi-level marketing company they are way cheaper, but still amazing quality!

  2. Hi Kaetlynanne, I really appreciate your sharing. I've suffered from insomnia for months and recently, I've tried the Sleep Blend that you shared and it does work! It helps me to sleep quickly and peacefully.

    1. So happy to hear that!! I'm glad I could help. Oils really work wonders when it comes to sleep!


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