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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Since I know I probably won't get around to posting all my photos from Cooks Forest on my instagram, I thought I would post them on here. This long weekend was refreshing to my soul and renewed my heart with all the right things.
Cooks Forest is falling asleep to the fire flickering and the sound of rain on the roof. It's not being able to wash the campfire smell out of your hair no matter how many times you shower. It's hot coffee by the fireplace in the darkness of the morning. Camp socks, flannels, hiking, leaves crunching under your feet. S'mores, apple cider, card games at night. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE.
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 1960's ↠ 2016 

This place has been special to our family for a looong time. My grandpa grew up going here, my mom grew up going here, and now my brothers, cousins and I have been blessed to grow up going here every year as well. I found a few pictures that my grandpa took in the 60's while he was up here so I wanted to do something with those. As you can see from this one, really not much has changed!

Always look up

 These leaves were seriously a dream. They were the perfect mix of red and yellow and the perfect crunchiness. I could have ran and stomped through them all day.

 The Clarion River

 I almost stepped on those leaves thinking it was part of the rock. Good thing I didn't because it was part of the river. 

It rained but we didn't mind. I finished a book in one day and played games upon games.

 Quick question, where is your hair supposed to go when you're wearing a turtleneck? I have yet to figure this out, clearly...

 That little peep of yellow


So much goodness packed into four short days. Thank you as always for the memories, Cooks.

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