October Favorites

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

1. Reading
One of the books I read this month was The Ice Twins by Tom Knox. It was AMAZING. Angus and Sarah, husband and wife, have two twin daughters until one day Lydia dies in a freak accident. One year later the surviving daughter, Kirstie, starts claiming that she is Lydia. Everything twists and turns and makes you gasp from there. I've been obsessed with thrillers lately and this is definitely one of the best books I've ever read. It also might be made into a movie soon! I highly recommend this read.

2. TV 
This Is Us
Let me start off by saying Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) from Gilmore Girls is in it... If that alone is not convincing you to watch this show (it should), let me tell you more. This Is Us revolves around the intertwining lives of 3 siblings and how their paths cross. This show will make you laugh and cry all within the same minute. For me, that's the best kind of show. And it's a great one to watch with the family! Tuesdays 9pm on NBC :)

3. Recipes 
I made this Pumpkin Oat Bread and it is soo yummy. It's all the smells and flavors of autumn wrapped up into a loaf of bread!
I used this recipe :)

4. Food
I wanted to share some of my favorite snacks as of lately. The first one is a smoothie and dark chocolate chunks. In my smoothie I blend frozen mixed berries, orange juice, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. Then I grab a few squares of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's to eat along with it. For some reason these two things taste so good together. And thankfully it's still been warm enough to drink smoothies!
Another snack I've been loving is apples, pretzels, almond butter, and a few M&M's sprinkled on the top. TRY THIS!! It's such a good combo.

5. Music
Some songs I've been listening to on repeat:
You Don't Miss a Thing (Live)- Amanda Cook, Bethel Music
Glory to Glory- William Matthews, Bethel Music
00000 Million- Bon Iver
Holy Lover- Keaton Henson
Follow me on spotify to see more of what I'm listening to.

6. Apparel 
I'm completely in love with this tote bag from Solid Light! It's the perfect size to take to the fall farmer's market or for running errands. Find more designs here

So long, October. You were lovely. But I have a feeling November is going to be even better :-)

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