Good Morning Autumn

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy first day of Fall my darling friends! I'm so glad I don't have to look insane anymore with my fall obsession that began weeks ago. Because now it actually is fall!

The perfectionist in me hasn't decided if I like this video or not...but I worked on it all week so I'm posting it anyways. I really wanted to create a short, cozy, autumn inspired video for the first day of fall.

Autumn mornings are my favorite and this was filmed in hopes to capture the simple things that make them so lovely.

Happy Fall everyone :)

21 Spooky Reads for Autumn

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hi friends! I just spent the summer reading as many books as I could and I ended up reading over 15 thriller books! I've gathered a list of them to share and I've also added a few that I've mentioned in previous posts, but are worth mentioning again. None of these books are ghost or spirit related stories- I don't mess with that. But they are all thrillers/mysteries and they are sooo good!

I couldn't help but read most of these in 1 or 2 days because they were that good. I figured now that it's fall, it's the perfect time to curl up with a blanket, a cup of cider, and a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I was going to write a little summary of each book until I realized I was terrible at writing summaries so I linked all the books so you can read a description that will actually make you want to read the book :)

I See You by Clare Mackintosh

Have you read any good books lately? What are your favorite cozy stories to read in the fall? 

Cozy Essential Oil Blends For Fall

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One of my favorite things to do each season is browse Pinterest looking for essential oil blends as well as mixing up my own! I wanted to share with you my favorite fall blends! I use these as an alternative to toxic scented candles. The best part about all these fall blends is that they not only smell amazing but they are amazing for you! With everyone going back to school and the weather getting colder, everyone's immune system could benefit from an extra boost. A lot of these blends include cinnamon and clove which are amazing for fighting off germs.

If you're a doTERRA or Young Living person, you probably use On Guard or Thieves. On Guard is my go-to during this time of the year! Incase you don't have those pre-made blends, I've included an "Immune Boost" blend in this post so you can make your own!

These amounts are created for diffuser use. When making a room spray I typically increase the number of drops I use. Of course feel free to adjust the strength of these to your liking!

These blends are sure to leave your home smelling of autumn breezes, pumpkin patches, and a steaming hot cup of chai. Ahhhhh....

October Winds
2 drops of Cedarwood
2 drops of Clove
2 drops of Juniper Berry
2 drops of Orange

3 drops of Orange
2 drops of Clove
2 drops of Rosemary

Immune Boost (On Guard or Thieves)
1 drop of Rosemary
1 drop of Clove
1 drop of Cinnamon
1 drop of Eucalyptus
1 drop of Orange
1 drop of Lemon

Cup of Chai
2 drops of Cinnamon
2 drops of Clove
1 drop of Orange
1 drop of Cardamom
1 drop of Ginger

Between the Pines
3 drops of Cypress
2 drops of Douglas Fir (or White Fir)
2 drops of Cedarwood
1 drop of Frankincense

Spiced Cider
4 drops of Orange
3 drops of Ginger
3 drops of Cinnamon

Autumn Dew
2 drops of Eucalyptus
1 drop of Lemongrass
1 drop of Cinnamon

Learn how to make these DIY blend cards here!

My dear friend Kate recently posted a Sweater Weather Blend for fall that smells amazing! What are your favorite autumn blends, my friends?

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